Monday, December 23, 2013

On location, touring around the nation Fitz Family always on vacation

These two quilts are memorial quilts dedicated to a special husband and dad.   The father's favorite souvenir was a shirt from wherever they traveled.  As the father was an USAF officer, I incorporated many patches from various military units and uniforms on both of the quilts.

The first quilt was made for the daughter.  Both dad and daughter are UVa Cavaliers which is commemorated in the patch in the left column. This patch was actually the front section of a baseball hat.  Both dad and daughter were big Redskin fans.

 The second quilt was made for the son.  Since he still has the same surname, his quilt has the family coat of arms in the top row as well as 2 blocks celebrating the family's Hibernian heritage. I also added the various patches from a Falls Church High School hat.

The son's quilt had a fabulous backing made from a cotton with large scale motorcycles in various colors.  It would have been great to have them driving around the front of the quilt but they were too large so to the back they went.  Unfortunately the photograph was very blurry so it couldn't be included.   An all-purpose patriotic star design was used for the sashing/borders and binding.