Monday, October 12, 2015

This pillow is for a good friend of a Michigan Chi Omega. The recipient is a member of the Alpha Chapter of Delta Zeta at Miami of Ohio,   The ΔZ and  ΧΩ were camp counselors together up in Maine.

The recipient enjoys outdoor activities. Not only did she love camping, she was an avid soccer player and excellent equestrienne as evidenced by the blue ribbon..We used a pine tree print for the piping to represent the camp experience.

There are also pines that were from a hand-painted camp shirt.  Although a New Yorker at heart, she and her family love Boston Terriers so we made sure to include the flannel print as well.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Father, we are thankful, May we ever be, Mindful of Thy blessings, We of K.K.G.

The title is the Kappa Grace as the recipient is a Kappa Grace as well ie a girl named Grace who is a alumna member of Kappa Kappa Gamma, Delta Chapter.  She has a very sweet boyfriend who is also an owner of a Rosmarinus Designs quilt and pillow.

The recipient is a graduate of Walnut Hill School where she studied ballet.  At Indiana University, she was involved not just with Kappa but also with the IU Dance Marathon and IU Ballet Theatre.

Several of her shirts had t shirt pockets.   Most t shirt quilts I make incorporate the architectural elements of the garments.

The long block in the middle was made from a knit scarf.  Kilroy's on Kirkwood is a major hangout for Hoosiers.

Although we stuck with a basic blue for the sashing and binding, I was very excited to find a vibrant owl print for the backing.

Friday, July 31, 2015

'Cause I don't need a magic potion Let me talk about back field in motion

This quilt and these pillows were made for field hockey girls who recently graduated from high school. two of the players are going to matriculate at the University of Delaware, one at the University of Maryland, and one at Lafayette. 

The M and UD pillows used the uniform skirt from the middle school at Worcester Prep and all but the last pillow on the right used the upper school skirt for the piping.  All 3 WP pillows used Mallard W logo shirts on the reverse. 

The 4th pillow was for the girl who attended Cape Henlopen High School and is matriculating at the Lafayette. The shirt that has a flag shaped into the state of Delaware was designed by her for a major field hockey tournament. The printed colors are actually field hockey sticks set together horizontally.

The quilt is for a Worcester Prep grad who is becoming a Blue Hen this fall.  Like her friends, she is a talented field hockey player.  As usual, I retained the collar and buttons from the polo shirt to add a bit of interest.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Get in the game you gotta scheme All the same I've got the team

This quilt was a Father's Day present for a HUGE all-sports Cincinnati fan.  He follows the professional teams, the NCAA colleges, and even some of the high school sports.

 His wife asked for NO sashing between the blocks and wanted red borders despite the red t-shirt in the corner.

The tiger shows some microquilting on its nose.  Microquilting is done the same way as stippling but much closer, similar to the comparison of petit point and needlepoint.


Monday, June 1, 2015

A professor of science 'cause I keep droppin' it I smell weak 'cause y'all keep poppin' it

This quilt is for a Furman Palladin.  Like many college students she was very active in extracurriculars at school. 
She was a health sciences major and participated in several fundraisers for improvements to third-world countries.  She was an equestrienne, a runner, and a bibliophile.

My signature technique of incorporating the architectural element of the garment  ie the usable pockets was able to be incorporated once again. :)

Thursday, May 7, 2015

I was suspended in animation just the other day Well I was in the night kitchen on the Milky Way

These 3 crazy quilt pillows were made from hostess and utilitarian aprons as well as kitchen and decorative towels. They were given to 3 female relatives of a woman who loved to entertain in the day.

 The 3 scarecrows were pockets on one particular apron.  The fruit arrangement on the middle pillow was a pocket as was the yellow ruffled piece.

The dusty pink sections and the blue swirled pieces were from beautiful hand-embroidered aprons.  Entertaining is so different in this era as compared to past decades.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

If I played politics I'd be a House Page, those pages reps like are underage.

This quilt was made for a US House of Representatives Page Program alumna.  This is the ten year anniversary of her attendance there during the 109th Congress.  That semester's Pages were on the House Floor for the State of the Union Address, the address in a joint session given by President Victor Yushchenko of Ukraine, the Terri Schiavo hearings, and the MLB steroid abuse testimony.
The US House Page Program was a program in existence for over 200 years.  In the recipient's era, House Pages applied through their US Congressman to attend for one of their junior year semesters of high school; Only 60-70 students were selected each year from across the United States and its territories.

The students lived about a block south of the US Capitol which is probably one of the easiest commutes for a greater DC resident.  Academic classes were held in the attic of the Library of Congress.

This quilt was a bit of a challenge mathematically as we only had about 3/5 yard of the DC fabric and 1 yard of the coordinating cherry blossom print, and yet had to make a twin size quilt from these two pieces. Each stone in the grey landscape fabric was quilted individually.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

I'm takin' the tours, I'm wreckin' the land I keep it hardcore because it's Coleman!

The dad of the Hanukkah pillow recipients liked their bolsters so much that his wife decided to commission one for him as well.

The love for all things Cincinnati runs in the family. From major leagues to the minors to the college and high school teams....

The wedges on the Indian Acres are from the Bar Mitzvah yarmulkes of the two sons. Not seen but also definitely included is the daughter's Bat Mitzvah covering.

The Basset Hound was embroidered on a towel, the Who Dey is the Bengals cheer.  That particular item is a hand-painted tie.  The striped piping is from long johns that were worn while skiing.


Thursday, February 19, 2015

Shea Stadium, the radium, E-M-D squared Kicked out of the Palladium, you think that I cared

This is a quilt for a dad who coaches his son's baseball team.  It's been so long since my own played baseball so I am not sure if this is travel, Babe Ruth, or some other type of league for middle schoolers.

The dad coaches the Mets but LOVES the Bronx Bombers, hence the choice of NY Yankees fabric


Since this is meant as a lap quilt, we used polarfleece as the backing and sashing.  Polarfleece plus batting makes it very easy to see all the quilting that was done (in this case, tons of stippling).

Sunday, January 11, 2015

To all the party people who are happy and free (free), with K Buck M, we're making history.

This quilt is for a recent Fighting Irish alumna.  Like most Domers, she is an avid football fan and was the proud owner of MANY season and bowl game shirts.  Not opting for sashing between the blocks makes a very different look.

My trademark has been to keep what I call architectural elements of garments when possible.  The zipper hoodie square is quilted only on the perimeter, leaving the middle open so the shirt can be unzipped to see the 3 mini designs hidden underneath, 2 of which were from her academic department.

The bottom block was made from a nylon flag.  The recipient actually interned for the Discovery Channel while an undergrad. 

This is the Bengal boss inspecting my basting to make sure I am pinning the layers correctly.