Thursday, May 24, 2012

I'm a Wonderama snake can winner Briegel, George and Bob and a TV Dinner

This quilt is for a lovely young woman who just graduated from Washington and Lee University. It seems like just yesterday she received this pillow as a sophomore and now she is done!

Like most W&L Generals, she was very involved.  She is a Kappa Delta, a member of the Traveller committee, a soccer player etc.  She is from the Bluegrass State so of course was very excited about UK basketball's championship season this year. 

I kept the pockets on both hoodies which made for longer blocks. The blue sweatshirt was small so I actually detached the ribbing and then reattached it to obtain the necessary length.

We used a pair of Trident lounge pants for the Trident and ΚΔ appliques, the outer border, and the binding.  I was hoping for wider borders but there was only so much fabric from the pants despite carefully picking out the seams.

Like so many of her fellow alumni, the recipient is going to be serving the community.  She is going to be teaching kindergarten.  Shaping young minds is such a responsibility but I am sure she will do a great job.

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