Saturday, November 28, 2009

You got your sundress on for game day

The final Paprika of my 4 part series is pictured below. This Paprika was made for a female student at W&L. She is a sister of the Zeta Tau chapter of Kappa Delta (ΚΔ). We used the pink version of the Trident pajama pants to create sleep shorts. The remaining yardage was saved for the piping, the Trident and Greek Letters. The background fabric is a decorator-weight Waverly print.

ΚΔ’s colors are olive green and pearl white. The client wanted pink as the 3rd color as the intended recipient has her entire room decorated in pink and green. That is one of my favorite color combinations as well. Not only would the pink and green be great for a ΚΔ but it would be great for a ΔZ, AKA, or anyone who my kids say “rocks the croc”.

As requested by the client for the 3 other Paprikas, a zipper was installed in the bottom seam and the designs on the back of the pillow are skewed towards the top so the monogram can be added.


    How could I contact you with an order?
    I am a delta zeta :)

  2. My contact info is in the upper right hand corner under the owl.