Thursday, November 26, 2009

I'm A Funky Skull And I'm A Scorpio And When I Get My Flow I'm Doctor On The Go

This Paprika is the third of the four-pillow order that a client requested for her 3 boys and one lucky girlfriend of the oldest son.  The recipient of this pillow is a student at Washington and Lee University.  This symbol depicted on the pillow is the W&L Trident.  I altered the Vineyard Vines pajama pants sold at the bookstore into boxer shorts.  That way I had enough material for the Trident, the piping, and the fraternity letters. The blue and white fabrics in the pillow are twills.

The Trident was designed by W&L student Thomas Greene (Tubby) Stone back in 1904. It is a monogram of the 2 letters superimposed on each other.

The Greek Side of the pillow has this General's fraternity letters of Phi Kappa Sigma (ΘΚΣ). Phi Kaps are also known as the Skulls hence the title of this post. Like all the Paprikas for this client, the letters are closer to the top of the pillow to allow room for monogramming.

Like all the pillows in this series, a zipper was placed in the bottom edge seam so the casing could be removed for easy cleaning.

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  1. Do you take requests for these pillows for purchase? I love the W&L pillow and think it would make an awesome present!