Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Paprika I

The Paprika is a pillow that has been appliqued, quilted, or in this case: both!  This Paprika was made from a middle-school student's t-shirt.  One side of the Paprika is a large rendition of the school mascot from the back of the shirt.

The other side of the Paprika incorporated the miniaturized mascot from the front of the shirt as well as award patches from 2 different sports that the boy plays for his school.  The client wanted the little designs to skew towards the top of the pillow so she could have it monogrammed. So there is a nice big space at the bottom for his name or initials.

This Paprika incorporated piping and a hidden zipper in the bottom seam so that the insert can be removed so that the actual pillow cover can be easily washed.  Both sides of the Paprika were free-motion quilted using a meandering stipple design. Like a t-shirt quilt, this is a necessary step for a t-shirt pillow so that t-shirts remain stabilized.

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